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Purpose, People & Planet

We used to run around more. We use to speak to each other face to face more. We used to eat healthier, care for our environment and community. These are the challenges of modern living in the 21st century and in post-Covid Ontario that we hope to take on through the love of volleyball.

Female team mates celebrate

Our Mission

Bring Fun Back to Life

We believe life is about socialising & smiling more. Face to face. Every day. Every week.  


We believe humans should be more active. Not because we’re told to but because we enjoy how it makes us feel.


We believe sharing team experiences gives us all a stronger sense of belonging & purpose, in a world with less and less.


We believe we’re all just over-evolved apes with mobile phones stuck to our noses.


We believe salvation can be found in sports leagues, fitness classes and wellness programs.


So that’s what we spend our days delivering.

Sunset in a northern pine forest

Carbon Zero

Sustainable Sport

At V4L we believe not just in purpose and looking after people, but also the planet.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through 

  • energy usage and renewable supplies

  • carbon emissions

  • reducing waste and recycling


We offset our carbon footprint to ensure we are carbon neutral.

Our inherent business model, focusing on local partnerships and local customers, looks to minimize our indirect emissions. Additionally, we work closely with our supply chain and customers in order to advocate greener practices within our sector.

Boy's spike is blocked over the net


Everyone Can Play

Every league, tournament, and event will be free from discrimination in all forms regardless of a person's choice of gender, race, citizenship status, or ability level. 

We will work to equally promote the rights of women and minority populations and include them evenly in our marketing and access to play.

We acknowledge that we operate on Indigenous land situated on the Ancestral Traditional Territories of the Ojibway, the Anishinaabe, and, in particular, the Mississaugas of the Credit. and will actively work towards reconciliation with our indigenous population through our sport and events.

Sign that says "community is strength"

Community Impact

Building Local Communities

At V4L we have a commitment to serve at least 75% of local customers and suppliers.


Local Suppliers:

  • The sports facilities which we hire to deliver our leagues are over 90% local schools and community facilities.

  • We hire local umpires and referees to run the programs each week at these venues. These suppliers become regular umpires in order to provide consistency to the community relationships they form with local customers.


Local Customers:

  • Given the sports leagues occur after-work hours and at weekends, they naturally attract local people who live and work in the nearby area. V4L also specifically advertises to the local catchment area (e.g 10km radius) when establishing a new sports venue.

  • V4L also have agreed to special discounted drinks/food deals at local resturants for our customers to attend after their games every week, furthermore strengthening the local community network and relationships. These are typically within 15 minute walk from the sports venue.

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